Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Our Midwife Anita Hernandez, CPM LM along with our staff are certified in assisting families with preconception assistance. Having personally experienced fertility struggles, recurrent miscarriages and loss, it is one of our passions. A few things that we offer under our preconception counseling;

  • Thorough labs that check various hormones and health.
  • One on one individualized conception counseling sessions
  • Charting / timing conception assistance (Finding YOUR window.)
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Fertility Binder full of resources to help your journey
  • Fertility assistance recordings/videos
  • Progesterone Supplementation
  • Herbal / Tincture / Supplement Recommendations
  • ICI & IUI
  • And much more

We use all resources at our disposal to give families their best chance at conception but admit that we are human with limitations and can not guarantee conception or a specific desired outcome.

We also now offer the following:

  • Well woman care
  • Nexplanon and IUD removal

For further information or to schedule your first counseling session call our office at (254) 300-1337 or